Rhode Island Young Professionals

2009 President’s Message

I opened the newspaper recently and made a startling observation: the foreclosure section took up more space than the want ads. 2009 has begun in a time of both great turmoil and wonderful promise. The deteriorating financial climate and skyrocketing unemployment rate have affected much of the country on a personal level. As the nation awaits the promised changes of the Obama administration, many are finding themselves in situations they didn’t plan for.

It is with great honor that I begin my term as President of Rhode Island Young Professionals. I am excited about the many ways RIYP meets the needs of people in different stages of their careers. I cannot imagine a more important time for RIYP to be active than in these uncertain times. The scope of RIYP’s services have never been more relevant. From social networking opportunities to help our members network and advance their careers, to civic engagement and social programming geared toward empowering and educating urban communities, RIYP is aimed to address the needs of young professionals, local commerce, and the community.

I would like to thank RIYP’s outgoing President Raymond Watson and Vice President Erika Read for their dedication and hard work in establishing and promoting RIYP. Since 2002, hungry and energetic individuals have taken great pride into shaping RIYP into the organization it is today; a solid professional networking organization geared towards a younger generation of in-tune, highly motivated, multi-talented and community-oriented professionals.
I am thrilled to be a part of RIYP and invite you to contact me directly at [email protected] with any and all questions, ideas, and feedback.
Den Soch2009 PresidentRhode Island Young Professiona